One Little Person Scholarship Fund

The One Little Person Scholarship Fund was created in 2018 due to the burning passion of one little person, Miss Tobie Mitchell. Tobie Mitchell is an Oklahoma City native who knows all too well how significant one little person can be. Whether the significant person was a teacher, a friend, or even an absentee parent, one person can change the world (or someones world). Using this fund, Tobie wants to change someone's world. Not only does Ms.Mitchell understand the importance of education, but she also understands the importance of someone believing in you when it is hard for you to believe in yourself.


One Little Person Services

"The question isn't who's going to let me, but who's going to stop me."

The One Little Person Fund strives to serve as a one stop shop for students, teachers, and parents. Below are a list of services we provide but feel free to email us or use the "Get in Touch" tab if you need any other assistance or have questions.



The One Little Person Scholarship is for high school seniors and undergraduate students wanting to pursue a college degree. Applicants are encouraged to think of "one little person" in their lives that has made an impact. The scholarship can be found in this tab.


Scholarship Workshop

Need help applying for scholarships? Need tips for applying for college or scholarships? Need some myths cleared up about scholarships and college? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is the tab for you!

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Student Spotlight

The One Little Person Fund wants to see students achieve their version of success. In this tab, we highlight our award recipients and those that they helped the organization thrive.

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